My takeaway on the talk given by Ally Palanzi at CSS Conference Australia 2016.

Ally Palanzi

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This is an important talk by Ally, senior front-end engineer at Vox Media. Slides from her talk are available here. It is important because it’s about accessibility.

In the context of technology, disability means a mismatch between the features of a person’s body and the products we build. Did you know that, as a maker of products, you have the power to create or remove this mismatch?

Just take a look…

My takeaway on the talk given by Ally Long at CSS Conference Australia 2016.

Ally Long

Follow Ally Long on Twitter Watch the talk here on YouTube

Ally is currently designing applications for health workers at eHealth Africa, tackling health issues for the less fortunate people. Her focus changed drastically when she took on this role.

Her application assists health workers in Africa by helping them monitor the health status of people in their area. It captures geolocation data to map out areas, and it replaces paper based processes that health workers use every day. …

After numerous iterations, I have finally shipped it. Since I began the journey of designing and developing my portfolio, I find it true when people say you are your own worst critic. I lost count on the times where I contemplated over my design, scrapped it and started over.

Should designers have a portfolio? This got me thinking, what is the purpose of a portfolio? Surely it is more than having pretty visuals on a website or for the sake of having something online. Personally, I find that having a portfolio is having a space where I can reflect on…

My story of how I got the gig organising the Design Disruptors Brisbane Premier at the University of Queensland along with the help of some amazing people.

Have you ever had this urge to do something, then comes along this thought behind your head that tells you.

“Forget about it. Nobody cares.”

But, when you are so passionate for what you are about to do. This other thought pops in.

“Screw it. Let’s do this.”

I went through this thought process when I sent out my email to InVision, expressing my interest for hosting a screening of Design Disruptors in Brisbane.

Back When It All Started

Usual routine — checking emails, sipping on coffee.

Ding-ding! You’ve got mail! Clark from InVision — Weekly Digest.

Felix Lee

Learning by doing.

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